Its always a little apprehensive going to the dentist. However i found these guys very friendly and professional.
Excellent service with great communication.
Testimonial 6

After searching for a dentist that was both affordable and friendly, I found The Tooth Group on Google, and just their website alone made me feel that attending at the dentist would not be as daunting as it usually is.

Have had several discussions with them before my first appointment about a payment plan (I have always had very weak teeth, and my dental care always runs into thousands) and every single interaction I have had with them has been positive, supportive, proactive and kind.

I am almost looking forward to my first appointment on Monday.

Testimonial 5

Friendly, gentle and good price point. Good experience after neglecting my teeth for a while. In a couple sessions I sorted out a few chips and fillings and will definitely head back regularly to the Tooth Group now that I have found a reliable dentist (not always easy!)

Testimonial 4

After recently moving into town I needed a dentist, so decided to check these guys out in Peachgrove.The staff were friendly, and much cheaper than my dentist in Auckland.Worth a visit for sure.

Testimonial 3

A great new dental practice. Very professional and skilled staff. Handy to Ham East and a short drive from Uni. 5 stars!

Testimonial 2

What a pleasant experience! The staff were amazing!! They really care about your well being and making you feel comfortable. I was extremely nervous before my appointment due to past dentists that caused more pain.
Will definitely recommend them and refer others to this place!!

Testimonial 1

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